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What is DCOREUM?

DCOREUM is a decentralized economy ecosystem that provides an inclusive platform for consumers, merchants and creators to perform trade & business, in an autonomous, transparent and secure manner with the implementation of Web3.0, freeing themselves from monopolistic intermediaries that act against the collective interests of the community.

Which public chain hosts DCOREUM?

DCO is hosted by BNB Smart Chain, and it will be available later on other public chain.

What is the BSC Smart Chain Address for DCO?

What is DCOREUM token?

DCO is the token that powers the DCOREUM ecosystem.

DCOREUM Official Website

How to connect to DCOREUM?

Connect through Wallet, Email address or UBGlobal QR Scan.

How to contact official customer service representatives?

DCOREUM official customer service representatives' contact: (contact shall be updated from time to time)

a. https://t.me/CSS_001

b. https://t.me/CSS_002

c. https://t.me/CSS_003

d. https://t.me/CSS_004

Who are the DCOREUM economy ecosystem network partners?

The DCOREUM economy ecosystem network partners are divided into 3 categories:-

1. Physical Companies:

a. Public Listed Company (eJMR)

b. Vsing

c. Melaka Gateway

2. Networks:

a. WebTVAsia

b. UBGlobal

c. PancakeSwap

3. Communities:

a. CH90

b. DemonWar 

How to connect to DCOREUM via Wallet?

Support more than 200+ wallet, including MetaMask, TokenPocket, etc. 

1. Browse to dcoreum.io

2. Click on"Connect"

3. Click on "WalletConnect"

4. Open your Wallet and scan to connect

5. Connect successfully

How to connect to DCOREUM via email address?

1. Browse to dcoreum.io

2. Click on "Register Now" at the bottom or click on "Connect" > click on "DCO Connect"

3. Enter your email address, password, confirmation password and referral code

4. Connect successfully

How to connect to DCOREUM via UBGlobal QR scan?

1. Browse to dcoreum.io

2. Click on "Connect"

3. Click on "UBGlobal QR Scan"

4. Use the UBGlobal App QR scanning function and scan the code to connect

5. Connect successfully

How to participate in DCOREUM?

Purchase DCO from exchange platform and participate in DCO M2E through DCOREUM or UBGlobal platform.

How does DCO token release?

DCO release daily (M2E), or through community accelerating release (S2B, B2L, L2E)

Where can I trade DCO?

1. UBGlobal Exchange (https://ubglobal.io/

2. PancakeSwap (https://pancakeswap.finance/) ,

3. Ave.ai (https://avedex.cc/token/0xDfA1C5FCD4d64729cdf6d553B2FB1def11a7c689-bsc

to be launched on more CEX and DEX.

Where can I follow the DCOREUM community?

Dcoreum official announcement Telegram Channel:

Chinese: https://t.me/dcoreumcn

English: https://t.me/dcoreumchannel

Dcoreum official Telegram Group:

Chinese community: https://t.me/dcoreumCNio

English Community: https://t.me/dcoreumio

Dcoreum official Twitter:

Chinese: https://twitter.com/Dcoreum_CN

English: https://twitter.com/Dcoreum_io

Dcoreum official Facebook: 

Chinese: https://www.facebook.com/DcoreumCN

English: https://www.facebook.com/DcoreumEN

Dcoreum official Instagram:


How to mint DCO?

1. Log in/Connect to DCOREUM

2. Click on M2E

3. Click on Mint

4. Enter the amount of DCO

5. Ensure that your wallet or DCOREUM account has sufficient DCO (mint) and BNB (chain fee)

6. Confirm the transaction

7. DCO successfully minted

8. You can access the M2E Transaction to check the details

Does DCO minting requires chain fee?

BNB token is required as a chain fee.

How to collect released DCO?

Users who use WalletConnect may only claim to the connected Wallet, while users who connect through email address or the UBGlobal App may select a claim address, as long as the claim address is hosted by the BNB Chain and is able to receive DCO token.

Does DCO collection requires handling/chain fees?

0.01 BNB or 2.50 DCO

What is the calculation of BNB Chain fees?

Minimum fee is 5 GWEI x gas limit = BNB chain cost (1 GWEI = 0.000000001) The current gas fee can be referred to the BSC browser.

Assuming an average gas fee of 7 GWEI: (7 GWEI x 0.000000001) x 500000 gas amount = 0.0035 BNB

When will DCO being released?

Settlement of each accelerated release begins after 12am daily, with release completed at approximately 5am and will be delayed depending on traffic.

How to check the history of DCO release?

The daily M2E, S2B, B2L and L2E release records are available at the bottom of the DCOREUM homepage.

What is the function of DCOREUM transfer?

The transfer function mainly allows users to transfer assets out of the DCOREUM wallet, with a BNB chain fee per transaction.

How to check the asset of my DCOREUM wallet?

The balance of the user's assets in DCOREUM can be found in the "My Assets" section at the bottom of the DCOREUM profile.

How to make a transfer on DCOREUM?

Click on "Transfer" under "My Assets" at the bottom of the DCOREUM profile, enter the details of the transfer according to the form and complete the transfer.

How to check the user level and level requirement?

You can check your user level on the DCOREUM profile; click on "view level info" below "My Level" to check for level requirements.

How to participate DCO minting on UBGlobal?

If the DCOREUM user account is connected using UBGlobal, it is allowed to participate in the DCO minting directly on UBGlobal.

1. Log in to your UBGlobal account

2. Click on "Buy DCO" on the home page

3. Enter the amount of DCO to be minted

4. Enter your transaction password

5. Confirm and complete the minting

6. You can check transaction details on UBGlobal or connect to DCOREUM and check the minting details on "My Minting"

How to trade DCO on UBGlobal?

1. Login to your UBGlobal account (if you do not have an account, you can register a trading account using your email address)

2. Deposit USDT

3. Look for DCO/USDT trading pair

4. Trade DCO using USDT (it is recommended to trade DCO at market price using Market Order to avoid missing out on a good opportunity)

5. A specified percentage of the transaction fee will be deducted from the transaction

6. After completing a trade, you can check your DCO assets on "My Asset".

If I trade DCO on UBGlobal, can I participate in minting directly?

If the user's DCOREUM account is connected through UBGlobal, the minting can be participated directly on UBGlobal. If the user's DCOREUM account is connected through email address or wallets, the user is required to withdraw DCO token from UBGlobal to DCOREUM wallet, or a personal wallet, then participate in the M2E. 

How to make a DCO exchange on PancakeSwap?

1. Access to PancakeSwap and click on "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner

2. Select the currency to be exchanged in the top field of the exchange

3. Select the currency you wish to exchange in the lower field

4. Click on exchange

5. Sign the contract after repeating the confirmation to proceed with the transaction

How to purchase BNB?

BNB can be purchased through all the major exchanges, or by credit card through selected platforms or wallets.